The blue loop (78km) is the shortest, but by no means the easiest route. It includes mean classic hills like the Oude Kwaremont, the Koppenberg and the Taaienberg.


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First things first: Coffee.

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Oude Kwaremont!

Three: that’s how many times riders must climb the famous Oude Kwaremont during the Ronde. The Oude Kwaremont is the longest cobbled climb of Flanders at 2200 meters long, and 92 meters of climbing. While it averages a nice “easy” 4% gradient it’s maximum gradient of 11.6 % lies in the middle of the climb – it’s not an easy feat to recover from that over cobbles.


“Kwaremont-dorp is a picturesque
painter’s village that attracted several
artists after the Second World War.
And even today, the streets are still
lined with art galleries and cafés. Bar/
brasserie/restaurant 't Palet and the restaurant pub In de Zon are just a few examples. Definitely worth a detour!”

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Fast descent to the next climb:



The ‘bump’ of Melden, as the Koppenberg is locally known, is guaranteed to add suspense to the Ronde, every year. Not surprisingly it has been listed as a national monument. This hill and over 100 acres of surrounding countryside add up to one the most beautiful natural hotspots in the Flemish Ardennes.


Artist Vladimir Tanghe once counted the number of cobblestones on the steepest part of the Koppenberg: 66,240 cobblestones over 2760 rows at an average of 24 stones per row. On the entire hill there are even more cobblestones.

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You didn't travel that far to ride in the gutter?

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Ronde van Vlaanderen street

In the Ronde van Vlaanderenstraat in Kwaremont you can greet Karel Van Wijnendaele, founder of the Tour of Flanders. But also keep your eyes on the road. All the winners of the Ronde are indicated on the asphalt.

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Congratulations! You made it.

Time for some post-ride Belgian beers. Santé!

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