"Ride as much or as little, or as long or as short as you feel. But ride" Eddy Merckx

Orvélo: a beer to share!

Friendship, craftsmanship and passion are the central themes in many stories about newly developed Belgian beers. One of them is the story of the beer Orvélo, referring to  ‘Le Vélo d’Or’ (the golden bike). As the name suggests, cycling is a sport that the brewers love as much as they love beer. The brewers are three former biochemistry students with a passion for beers.

Nobody could have guessed that, approximately 25 years after their studies, they would be working together again on the development of their own beer Orvélo. In true Steve Jobs’ style they started brewing in Lucs’ garage till they were satisfied with  the result. The garage was baptised as Housebrewery ‘Half Zeven’ (half past six), because time suddenly stopped during a successful tasting …

Orvélo is a top fermented triple with a rich smell of hops & herbs. The first sip is refreshing, shortly followed by complex flavours of rotisserie & mediterranean spices, all ending in a nice bitterness that lasts long. The brewers are also developing a new brown ale (‘Orvélo Drome’).

Orvelo is a beer to share. Therefore, the brewers have chosen to produce big bottles only.


More information on www.orvelo.be.

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After cyling have an Orvélo!