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Kwaremont, the “Oude” and the “Blond”!

Kwaremont; in the new finale of the Tour of Flanders, Cancellara, Boonen and Sagan must conquer it three times. Cycle racing fans directly associate the name “Kwaremont” with “de Oude” (the Old). From now on they will link it with just as much enthusiasm to “de Blond” because “Kwaremont” is now also the name of a delicious beer!

Of course there is no better way to become acquainted with the famous Oude Kwaremont than by cycling it yourself. Kwaremont is also a sedate place, which was not crowned as one of the “Twenty most beautiful villages of Flanders” for nothing. On the gnarled, cobbled road, the professional cyclists stand straight up on their pedals and the 11% incline determines success or failure. For many cycling tourists, the section now also offers the delightful prospect of taking a breather with the hill’s 6.6% blond, younger brother.

During a break at one of the many pubs in the neighbourhood of the Oude Kwaremont, you will admit that the Kwaremont Blond is slightly more “willing” to be vanquished. With this spirited, high fermentation beer, traditionally brewed with exclusive types of hops and malts, the Bavik Brewery also delivers a performance that is beyond categorisation. Its full, spicy flavour, rich aroma and firm head results in a balanced beer that makes all those energy bars or rehydration drinks unnecessary.

Cycling heroism is never far away with a Kwaremont Blond. It is refreshing, easy to drink, ideal for enjoying after a tough cycling tour, while discussing the climb on the cobblestones or the circuit. The beer is available in the Tour of Flanders Visitor Centre in Oudenaarde and WieMu, the national cycling museum in Roeselare, as well as in many pubs in the Flemish Ardennes. In addition to Kwaremont Blond, the local pubs also serve a house beer called Flandrien. The WieMu sells the Kwaremont Blond as part of a set of beers related to the circuit, which also includes a bottle of Koerseklakske, Malteni and Rodenbach.


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Recover after cycling with a Kwaremont.