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Exploring Limburg with the Cycle Node Network

For the seventh time, Limburg was elected as cycle region of the year. Therefore they may call themselves the ‘Cycling Paradise of Flanders’. It is not suprising that this is also the place where the node system was invented.

The system was copied in all surroundig regions and far beyond. The Cycle Node Network in Cycle Paradise Limburg has about 1800 kilometers of cycling routes. Every route is connected with nodes to another one. These nodes are different cycle tracks that cross eachother. You can use these nodes to map out a cycling itinerary. You decide for yourself how long you want the trip to be and where you want to go.

The 4 cycling regions In Limburg that are best known are Haspengouw, Kempen and Maasland, Limburg Kempen and Voerstreek.


The routes in Haspengouw were completed in 2002 and is the youngest cycle network of Cycling Paradise Limburg. On this route, you will find a large variety of landscapes. Fruit orchards and imposing castles: you’ll cross them all. Haspengouw is a region with a rich cultural heritage. You cross monumental cities such as Sint-Truiden, Hasselt and Tongeren. Especially in spring, this route is very popular.


This route of 40 km takes you along the six villages of Voer. The network has only recently become a part of the cycle Limburg. Along this route you will pass 120 castles, chapels and large landscapes.

Limburgse Kempen

The cycle network of the Limburgse Kempen is close to the Dutch province of North Brabant. This gives the route of 450 miles an international character. These routes are quieter and therefore ideal for the more recreational cyclist.

Kempen en Maasland

This cycle network is over 650 km long and is part of the international route network Regional Landscape Kempen and Maasland and network Grensstreek Nederlands Limburg. It consists of a total of 1000 km and takes you trough picturesque villages and varied nature. Along this route, you will see cities such as Maaseik, Stokkem, Genk and Maasmechelen.


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